2016 Volunteer Project - 2nd Annual Monument Valley Volunteer Project

Dates: Friday, December 9th, 4:00pm  - Sunday, December 11th, 1:30pm.

Location: The Salazar Hogans, located between the West and East Mittens. Once in Monument Valley Tribal Park, drive 1 mile on the Main Valley Drive (Indian Route 42). Turn Left (Ignore "Private Drive" sign) and take that road one mile to the Hogans. *There is a $20 charge at the gate per vehicle, Keep your receipt the fee is good for 4 days. 

We have a very unique and amazing opportunity to do some service that will make an immediate difference in peoples lives. Bring your families and come join in on some great running (optional) and hard work in some beautiful country.
You will have the chance to see areas of the park normally off limits to visitors and meet families who have been living traditionally in the same area for centuries.

We will have 10-15 different projects happening. Mostly construction type work such as mending fences, building fences, replacing a wall, adding solar panels, digging a trench, adding composting toilets, tearing down a hogan, etc The scope of what we can accomplish will depend on the attendance. The more people that sign up the more we can get done. So bring your families, tell your friends.

Project details: After a group morning run each day (approx 5 miles- Saturday and Sunday. Totally optional), volunteers will divide up into groups to work on various projects such as mending fences, building fences, replacing a wall, adding solar panels, digging a trench, adding composting toilets, tearing down a hogan benefiting local families living without running water or electricity.
Larry will lead sweat lodge ceremonies on Saturday afternoon for those interested (Shorts and a towel recommended- you don't want to miss this!)

Jonah Project-
Description: Build privacy fences and shade structures around male and female sweat lodges.
Move outhouse and convert to composting toilet. Show how to use hot shower device
Tools/materials needed: Post hole digger, digging bar, shovels, drills and wood screws(2 in),
tie wire, cedar posts, pine slats, sawdust
Volunteers needed: 4-12
Ray Project-
Description: Replace weathered plywood on exterior of house and paint and rotted drywall on ceiling. Possible solar system installation.
Tools/materials needed: pry bars, paint brushes/rollers, red exterior paint, drills, wood screws (1 ⅝”), drywall screws
Volunteers needed: 4-12
Verna Project-
Description: Pour concrete footing for octagon structure, mend sheep corral,
move shade structure, repair outhouse door,
move toilet structure and convert to composting toilet system, install stove pipe to hogan fire place
Tools/materials needed: drills and 3in screws, rebar, cement, shovels,
wheelbarrow or cement mixer, tie wire
Volunteers needed: 6-15
Merrill Project:
Description: Take down hogan structure in order to replace damaged beams
Tools/materials needed: pitchfork or rake
Volunteers needed: 8-20
Effie Project:
Description: 12’x16’ foundation pad, Dig trench for water line, convert toilets to compost system.
Tools/materials needed: shovels, pick axes, cement mixer or wheelbarrow
Volunteers needed: 6-20
Linda Project:
Description: Skirt around trailer to block wind and keep floor warm. Mount Solar panels and tie into battery/inverter system. Tarp for firewood. Bring load of sawdust. Exhaust fans.
Tools/Materials needed: drills and short wood screws, tarp, fans
Volunteers needed:6-2

Helen Project: 
Fix sheep fence, pack mud on hogan
Tools/materials needed: shovels, Tposts, post pounder
Volunteers needed: 4-8

Larry Project:
Construct temporary sweat lodge and fence
No tools needed
Volunteers needed:

Trailwork project:
Reroute sections of Wildcat trail and place signage
Tools/Materials needed: pick axes, shovels
Volunteers needed: 4-8

Food: We have asked a local family to prepare traditional Navajo meals for breakfast and dinner for the group. Additionally, you will be able to prepare and pack your own lunch before heading out each day. Cost is $5 per meal to cover costs of food and pay those preparing it.

Meals provided: Friday: dinner, Saturday: breakfast, lunch, and dinner and Sunday: breakfast, lunch.



Hogans: If you would like to sleep inside a hogan (highly recommended!!) There are limited spots available for sleeping in the hogans, this is tight quarters with strangers but an experience you will not soon forget. A donation of $15/night will reserve you a spot and help cover our costs (they usually rent for around $150/night). Bring your own sleeping pad and sleeping bag (please no cots). The hogans stay very cozy at night with the heat of the wood burning stove radiating back into the room from the earthen walls. If enough people sign up for the hogans, you may be assigned to another hogan with a neighboring family.

Camping: The main group will be at the Salazar hogans, between the West and East Mitten formations, which includes two hogans and a covered picnic area and plenty of room to pitch a tent. The family charges $10/person per night for campers. Bring a warm sleeping bag. December can get very cold at night (lows usually in the 20’s).

Hotel Reservations: There are two locations to choose from in the area. The View is inside the Valley Navajo Tribal Park and Gouldings is just adjacent the Valley Navajo Tribal Park. You will need to book your reservations and drive to the Salazar hogans for meals and project assignments.



Arrive afternoon. Dinner served at 5:30, kept warm until 7:30.
(Location of all meals is at the Salazar’s Hogans.)

7am: Morning run departs from Salazar Hogans
8am-9am: Breakfast and pack your lunch
9am: Meet with project supervisor and group and depart to project location
4pm: Sweat Lodge (at Salazar hogans)
5:30pm Dinner

7am: Morning run departs from Salazar Hogans
8am-9am: Breakfast and pack your lunch
9am: Meet with project supervisor and group and depart to project location
Leave for home when finished at project location

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